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Do you want our piece of advice? Read these tips and learn how to take care of your garage door

Vacation time precautions for garage doors

When you are leaving for vacation, make sure to unplug the power cable of your door opener from the power outlet. You can make use of the release feature and PIN code security feature to unlock the garage door yourself. Leaving an unattended power cable may lead to power surge or even fire.

Be careful with springs and other door hardware

Springs, cables, rollers and other garage door hardware are under high tension. Attempting to install and fix them on your own can lead to serious injury. You can inspect these parts for potential damage or risk. If you see signs of damage, contact our experts. They are skilled in handling such high tension equipments.

Replacement of springs

Overtime, the springs of your garage door gets rusty or jammed. You can apply kerosene to remove the rust and mold. If it doesn’t fix the problem, consider replacing both springs even if there is only one spring damaged. This is to preserve safety and prevent frequent malfunction in the future.

Keep up the maintenance of your garage door

Your garage door will remain functional as long as you have proper maintenance performed on it. This requires that you schedule regular maintenance for the upkeep of your garage door with our professional services. Using our specialists will ensure your door is always working.

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