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If you cannot understand certain things about garage doors and find yourself curious, check out these answers

Why do garage rollers stick?

They stick because of rust. This should be removed in order to make the rollers function like new. You can also avoid having rusty rollers by opting for stainless steel zinc-plated ones during installation. For help, you can trust our servicemen to provide you with quality installation services and maintenance advice.

What makes the garage too cold?

There may be a draft in your garage door, which gives way to cold air from the outside. Reduce the draft by installing weather seals. Insulated doors can help you reduce energy consumption and stabilize the temperature inside the garage.

What garage door opener is best for me?

The best type of opener depends on your needs. Metal doors can be used with any kind of opener. However, heavy wood doors should be used with a chain type opener. If you have little headroom, a jackshaft may be required, as it requires no clearance.

How would you prevent condensation in the garage door?

During cold weather, especially in winter, condensation often happens because of the air’s high amount of moisture. Aside from adding to the coldness of the temperature inside the garage, this may also cause mildew and mold growth in the garage door. Some of the things that you can do to prevent this from happening to your overhead door are using a dehumidifier, fresh air exchanger, and opening the blinds at daytime.

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