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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Having the Right Repair Tools

I have a good collection of tools and repair materials, as it’s one of my hobbies. But when my rollup garage door stopped working, I found myself lacking some tools to fix it myself. When I opened the cover to expose the mechanism, I was surprised to find some fancy looking parts that I was not familiar with. That’s when I decided to give garage door repair West Milford a call. I gave them the brand and model of my door and they had all the right tools and materials to fix it. In less than an hour, they had my garage door working perfectly again.

Calibrating Remote Control and Sensors

One day as I got home, my garage door suddenly would not open despite pressing the button on my remote control several times. I had no idea if it was the garage door itself, the sensors, or the remote control that was broken. It was much like when my TV remote control would not work despite having new batteries. I was at a loss, having no idea what to do. I called garage door repair West Milford and they arrived soon enough. It turned out that my remote and sensors had to be recalibrated, nothing major. I was also charged fairly for the minor fix they performed. Great company!

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